Sugungga  'instrumental pansori'

Slosberg Hall, March 4, 2017

Sugungga is one of the five epic tales in the Korean singing-storytelling tradition called Pansori. The tale is of a Dragon King who becomes ill and sends his emissary the Turtle away from his kingdom under the sea to land in order to seek a rabbit with a thousand year old liver, which will cure him of his illness.
Traditionally,  Pansori is performed by a singer and percussionist. PAN Project's version seeks to tell the story of Sugungga through instrumental improvisation, expressing both the characters and the dramatic scenes in the story.


Kangwon is an ensemble improvisation based on a Korean East Coast version of the famous Korean Folk song 'Arirang'. The 

Thinking of
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Improvisation on Taiwan Folk Melody
Kaoru Watanabe
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