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A global music project rooted in East Asian traditions, PAN Project (pan 판, Korean for ‘a place to gather’) brings music productions to the international stage that stretch across cultures and invites audiences into an exhilarating world of blended traditional and cutting edge music.


First initiated by Jeff Roberts and gamin as an improvisation project in Seoul, Korea in 2015, Pan Project ensemble developed into quintet in 2016 at a residency in Avaloch Farm, NH with five founding members representing Chinese, Korean and Japanese traditions. With the development of an intercultural language for improvisation rooted in East Asian folk melody, along with the development of a multi-media platform, PAN Project embarked on a North American Tour in 2016-17, presenting concerts and educational programs at locations including Dartmouth College, Brandeis University, University of Alberta and Hartford University. Recent and upcoming events include performances in the US, Taiwan and Korea.

Vision and Mission

PAN Project creates an engaging and dynamic world of intercultural dialogue through collaborative projects where music intesects with dance, theatre, visual arts and technology to create an experience that can both educate and invigorate audiences with a sense of global togetherness through art.

Artistic Leadership

Jeff Roberts       co-founder, co-artistic director

gamin                 co-founder, co-artistic director

Founding Ensemble Members

Jeff Roberts           Chinese guqin, electronics

gamin                     Korean piri, saenghwang,

Woonjung Sim        Korean janggu, buk

Ying-chieh Wang    Chinese erhu

Kaoru Watanabe    Japanese shinobue, nohkan, taiko

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